Best/Worst Idea's I've had...

When working with a kiddo who is ADHD and trying to figure out ways to help them stay focused while allowing fidgeting..I've had some GREAT idea's and some NOT so great idea's.

The GREAT ones:

Some kids really like the bounce balls to sit on, but my kids bounce. Not just a little wiggly bounce, but REALLY bounce so I didn't want to go thru the bounce problem. I also figured since we do so much thru discussion and wanting to encourage reading in a comfortable environment that hammock chairs would be perfect! They are! The kids can sway gently, curl up to read, or watch a movie or work on their tablet, etc. which keeps her moving but doesn't get wildly out of control and another plus is that she also gets a feeling of being "hugged" which is nice for those kids that might feel a bit anxious at times. It's a very comforting feeling.

The NOT so great ones:
I originally thought that she could sit there and play with the putty while doing stuff and it would keep her more or less where she is supposed to be. Something to keep her hands busy. Uh, no. WORST IDEA EVER. We now call it "the putty incident". Putty gets EVERYWHERE: Carpet, backpacks, clothes, etc. It's a PAIN. Don't do it! We will no longer discuss the "putty incident" and pretend putty never entered this house..or at least we will after we get it out of EVERYTHING. sigh. Did I mention not to do it? Don't. Just don't.

I'll post some more Best/Worst Idea's after I recover from this one. Putty, really. Someone should have warned me.


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