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Going afield!

We finally have ordered our "field" gear for our mobile science lab. Which means starting next week we get to go exploring in the field! We are pretty excited! This last week we received our UV flashlight (blacklight) and have gone out at night to see how different life forms fluorescent and even taken a few pictures. We do need to head out to somewhere that we don't have any other light sources (in other words while it's dark in our front lawn etc. the street lights give off enough light that we don't get the full effect. I'll add a few pictures we've done as well (these were taken with just the ipad and not on the actual camera.)

We've been working on an ocean unit and are currently discussing and learning about the different ocean zones, and their perspective life forms. I'll include some pictures of what we have been working on for that.

We also have our chemistry stuff we are working on, currently working on atoms and then starting with the t…

Somedays make you wonder...

We started a new schedule today, and I knew it might be a pretty bad day. I even tried to mentally prepare myself for the day it COULD be. It started out pretty good actually. I had one child on the laptop doing coursera's "Greek and Roman Mythology" and the other kid on the desktop doing their "Paleontology: Ancient Marine Reptiles". Then we moved onto a unit study for Oceans and worked on both ocean posters. Next we got started on Lunch..and then reading. Reading is where it all went wrong..Yes, Some days make you wonder! We are talking meltdowns of Epic proportions. It took awhile before she could calm herself..and then she went to her room and took a 3 hour nap.

I know it'll get better (it always does). I know a full new routine may cause some initial meltdowns. I know she gets frustrated, and then slowly starts closing down. I know it'll take a good week before she's starting to get the schedule to feel normal. I know after that she'll get …