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Dedicated space or just all over the place?

One of the things I get asked is "do you have a dedicated room? where do you do all your work?" Well, we've done both actually. A dedicated space doesn't have to be a room and it isn't exactly needed. When we started the younger kids we had a dedicated "school room" and we found the more it looked like a school room the less we ended up using it. We ended up all over the house. Reading together on the couch, arts and crafts at the kitchen table, science experiments outside on the road (we live on a dead end so not much traffic and since we were letting off geysers and rockets we wanted a place that was flat and fairly bomb proof so to say. So for the next few years the dedicated school room ended back up as a storage room.
As the kids have gotten older they have wanted to have a space to call theirs besides their bedroom. We have spent some time getting the room emptied again and ready for them. It is a dedicated room again, but instead of doing it up a…

The secular life and homeschooling

Secular homeschooling. It's a misfit thing. Its a bit harder and a bit lonely at times until you can find "a tribe". Thankfully it's one of the fastest growing segments in the homeschool world..and if you've been following any of my blogs up to now, you know we've been doing it for awhile. We started about 12 years ago, had a few years we skipped and started up again with the youngest of the kids. All in all it's been around 8 years.

We've had plenty of time to make mistakes, find new ways of doing things, learned to think outside the box and find what works for us. You change and grow as the kids get older and more independent and then wrenches get thrown into the ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and all these fun and weird terminologies that you have to learn to work with and around.

So why do we homeschool? There isn't a specific reason. It's more of a combination of reasons coming in to play. That includes public school funding and …