getting organized, slowly but surely

Starting to get organized for the coming school year. I just got an email that the student planners for the kids are now available at franklin covey, so those will be ordered soon. They have 3 different levels for the kids. An elementary, a middle school and a high school planner. the older selections being more detailed while the younger ones are getting them prepared and used to keeping track of their work, etc. We used them last year with the kids (although I did drop the ball later in the year when I got crazy busy), so I need to make sure we keep up on them for the school year. It really helped my ADHD/dyslexic kiddo to see what was on her schedule each day/week/month and keep track of how she was doing on things so she could visibly see an improvement in area's like reading where she struggles. It helps with executive functioning as well, and learning to keep track of what needs to be done, what you'd like to get done and what is just "extra" and learn to prioritize things. Another thing I do is have each kid with their own colored file folders and workbox to keep things that are loose and in progress in so they can just grab what they need, open it and go.

I've pulled everything I already have at home for the coming year and have put them in the shorter shelves so I don't have to comb thru the larger shelves looking for this or that. each subject has it's own shelf (or two, depending on the subject!). The list for school supplies is being drawn up and thankfully there isn't much we absolutely need this year so keeping it under $40 shouldn't be to hard.

We have a new tent for some camping trips coming up. We have a smaller 4-5 person tent but with all the kids and our equipment and a couple of trips where we are sharing a tent we needed a larger one. So..we picked up a 9 person tent again (our old one was 15 years old and starting to look worn).

We've been busy with field trips, learning about geology, geography etc. in Oregon (you can read up on the field trips on the kids blog ( ). We have 2 more camping trips coming up in just a couple of weeks. This one Daddy gets to stay home while the kids and I are out with some friends, the one after that he gets to join us again. After that it's a fast trip for me and the kids to Utah to pick up their Puppies!


and Emily (Eme for short):

after that its just a few day trips around Oregon and Southern Washington, then a trip to the Redwoods! So much going on!!

So far the kids have plans for their marine science group, doing 4H with the puppies (as well as archery and one other area..but I've lost count at this point!), enrichment days and lots of interesting studies and projects for the year. I'm switching some things around again this year to see how it goes..even after so many years of homeschooling each year needs to be tweaked a little as things expand and interests change.


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