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top 5 books/curriculum we use and love

Here are a few things we use and love for the kids:

1) All About Reading (AAR) - we are currently using this for our dyslexic daughter, who is behind in her reading. The system is pretty easy, laid out for you and you just have to take it at your own pace. A single level may or may not last you a while depending on how well your child likes it and sticks with it. We have only used a single level at this point but will be ordering our next level up soon. We will be using it for our youngest as well so having all the levels will be nice. While I haven't used the All About Spelling system yet, we will order a level of that and see what we think.

2) Pandia Press - Carries both the History Odyssey and the REAL Science Odyssey both of which we like. History Odyssey is more of an outline and has maps, suggested reading, etc. more than an actual curriculum itself. The one down side is that the level one's do use Story of the world which is not exactly secular. The good news is they ar…

And that went fast!!

Last time we posted it was early February and I couldn't believe it! and Now here we are Almost done with March!!

In the last few weeks we've been hiking, went camping in a yurt, found a bucket full of obsidian, checked out some lava rock, played in the snow, and signed up to change charter schools for next yes it's been busy!

big waterfall is from our hike at Silver falls, Snow pictures are from our camping trip to Bend, Oregon. Our first time staying in a yurt and during winter no less! The website says sleeps 8 but we barely slept 7! We visited Glass Butte, Oregon and picked up a bunch of obsidian, saw fresh signs of a bear, walked in the old mill district of Bend, and headed home. 4 days and 3 nights in Bend with friends and had a ball. Next time we might even let Dad come! The girls discovered hiking in snow might be fun and want to give snowshoeing and snowboarding a try.

Dominic is looking at starting kindergarten in the fall, and I checked about signing h…