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Free in the mail: - FREE DVD's, Magazines, Tons of information, wonderful teachers resource guide etc. great way to come up with more experiments on Fertilizer vs. compost, etc. you could even do some row crop vs. square foot gardening, etc. LOTS of stuff to work with! - economics, finance, money etc. - Union pacific Railroad history/US Free coal kit 
Has wonderful package they send out each year (currently site says it will open in September for ordering) cover's multiple subjects, wonderful stamps from around the world (caution: some stamps are graphic, although I haven't found any I find objectionable but that's a personal call) - Free magazine and science cards. wonderful selection!


Cover's Multiple subjects - - free printables prek - k 

Economics  - FREE activity book through the mail

Science - General

Youtube science channels: - Water life cycle  - science for kids K-12 science

And for fun...Cryptozoology. A look at myth's and legends

Animals -  (includes habitat and exploring Nature info)  - Stuff for kids in Olympic National Park, Washington's Temperate Rainforest Rainforest

Oceans/marine science




Human Body 

Crime Scene Investigations 

Food/Gardening/nutrition Recipes from around the world Indian cooking


  Unit studies (premade) - fun short unit sheets, in multiple subjects

Educational games -


 Awesome America Has some great pictures and information on each state. 


Dinosaurs - - University of California Museum of Paleontology lots of fun and cool information!  Patagonia Argentina Dino info and other cool stuff! More cool dinosaur stuff

Solar system


Music  (free online piano lessons)

Language Arts


Foreign Language/Sign Language - may be available through your library - also may be available through your library - large selection of languages - available for a fee online, or possibly free through library
French specific - - has a free trial to try before you buy. The girls really enjoyed it. Probably worth the $99 per year cost.
Spanish specific - FREE 

Native American Heritage



Artists  - some of our favorites - and yes, some sites may contain nude paintings...


Ancient Egypt

World Cultures Book/Info for purchase. Tales from Australia and other countries


Info for sensory boxes: fun idea to keep the kids active


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