About us - living that crazy life...

A little about us...

We are Mom and Dad (Katie and Hans). Mom is always busy..she helps admin four..no wait..five nation wide facebook homeschool groups, and six state wide (3 local) groups. She finds, schedules and promotes fieldtrips for our state groups, coordinates and hosts clubs for our local groups, and in her spare time (HAHAHAHAH) she homeschools 3 kids! Her oldest is out of the house working and living in Alabama! The youngest three get to share her attention and have a blast together. Dad is a scientist and has a side hobby doing wood work and projects that Mom finds for him, and well..she sometimes hires him out to her friends that need projects done as well. He's learned that when mom says "fieldtrip!" he just asks where he is supposed to be and when and which duties he has...Mom is really happy he puts up with her antics.

The kids...

Kaitlyn - our upcoming fourth grader..She's into fashion, minecraft, and cats. Her cat "cookie" hates everyone in the family except her...he follows her around constantly and sleeps next to her head at night. She's somewhat silly, has incredible patience at times, is super serious sometimes.

Arianna - Our upcoming third grader. She's our little scientist who like to blow things up (as in chemical reactions), she's super fun and totally sarcastic (huh, wonder where she got that from.). She loves dinosaurs and anything that keeps her busy. She is our ADHD, dyslexic, dysgraphic gifted kiddo (2e).

Dominic - our 3 year old. He's totally into cars, planes, trains, boats...and well anything that moves. if it was up to him all our travel pictures would consist of dump trucks, construction sites, street sweepers and the like (who really cares about all those famous historical sites anyway, right?). He's currently working on colors, numbers, learning to ride his balance bike and keeping everyone on their toes.

We collectively like to travel, love camping with our family and friends, love playing in the water, grow our own food when possible, have chickens (which are very fun to watch and we love our fresh eggs), have 4 cats (three inside and one outside), and last but not least our bearded dragon.


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