Keep the sanity...

One thing a lot of homeschooling parents talk about it the lack of "me time" or being able to just do something for themselves. When you have the kids 24/7/365 it can be hard to keep the sanity thing going. While the kids keep me busy (and I do mean busy! You can read their field trip and adventures on their blog here  ) finding me time is a priority as well. This year the kids and I have joined the 52 hike challenge which is basically a hike a week for a year.  So far we are doing pretty good. I've completed 5 while the kids have completed 3. Yes, I'm ahead of them. I'm meeting up with other women to get into the outdoors! Yes, some are homeschooling moms and yes, we've gone without the kids (and it was GREAT!). It's nice to have mom time and being able to go faster than a 4 year old pace and knowing you can go a bit farther as well.
As the year goes on, I'll be doing more adult only hikes as well as those that the kids come on. The distance, difficulty will get more and the weather will get better! We want to work up to some very nice distance hikes with the kids. we have some goal hikes in mind and well, getting back into shape is never a bad idea!
So right now the kids and I are doing C25K and the kids are doing pretty good! yes, there are some nights/days we look at the weather and say "nope, not gonna happen!" it is the Pacific Northwest after all and wind/rain is sometimes the name for the day. The kids have karate a couple of times a week, plus their hikes now. We are all feeling a bit more energetic already! I also have to say that I normally deal a lot with SAD (Seasonal affective Disorder) starting in January and going thru March/April. I've been very lucky this year has been so nice weather wise and I'm still doing pretty good!
In other news, we also have started playing Dungeons and Dragons on the weekend as a family (even big brother comes over to play!).  Its been a fun game so far and the kids are all playing it (yes, even the 4 year old tries to play it with us).
For my homeschool readers, I'll be adding in some info on the free online resources soon, and I'll be posting some of the curriculum we've been looking at/working with and letting you know what we think about them as well. Plus well, gadgets. Always fun with the gadgets!


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