Welcome to spring

In the last 5 and a half months we have received as much rain as we do in a year! So it's been a very wet and somewhat icky year so far. More snow than we normally get as well! So this weekend it was time to get out of the house and enjoy a little sun! We headed to the coast for a bit of a break from the normal rain.

Our first stop as we left the house was the dollar store and their spring, beach toy aisle! Then it was off to the beach in our new car. Our old SUV had finally started having more issues than it was worth, so finding another new (new to us anyway) car was needed. Dominic loves the color (he calls it "fire engine red") and all the kids love the DVD player for long trips. I must say that I do have a love/hate relationship with the DVD player..It does make for very quiet rides when I need some quiet, but I also find that we don't discuss things as much in the car as we generally do (this may change however as the "newness" wears off).

Arriving at the beach, it seems we weren't the only ones with the idea (I'm sure everyone was glad to have some sun!). however, we found a nice spot not far from the entry area and settled in for some play.

Dominic was very happy with his haul from the Dollar tree! lots of sand play while everyone else either sat back and relaxed or went exploring.

after some relaxing it was off to do even more exploring for everyone.

I will say it was a good thing we enjoyed the day..because the rest of the week was "one of those weeks". This next week is "spring break" so we have a lot of catching up to do. I have spent some time over the last week while at home to start planning our summer. We have a lot of things coming up starting the week after spring break and will be going strong thru the end of September! We will be exploring Oregon, Northern California and Washington! Lots of learning and adventures coming up!


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